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Keep the burglars out

With the darker evenings and Christmas approaching Burglars are out doing their Christmas shopping. Today we look at ways to ensure they don't have a very happy Christmas.

Burglaries always increase when the clocks go back as opportunist burglars take advantage of the darker evenings and the fact that people are out Christmas shopping or at parties. In conjunction with Kent Police, KLS Locksmiths are helping to keep burglars out this Christmas.

It's not just the darker evenings that bring unwanted visitors, most burglaries actually happen during the day when you are out at work.

So, what can you do to secure your property?

​Firstly, lock your door! I know it sounds silly but a lot of burglars get in through doors are not locked - UPVC doors need to be locked to ensure they are secure, simply lifting the handle does not lock the door and they can be opened in seconds with no sign of entry.

Lift the handle, turn the key and take it out - if the handle doesn't push down then the door is securely locked.

If you have a wood door then use the 5 lever deadlock - it's a requirement of most insurance companies that you have a British Standard deadlock fitted and used otherwise they may not pay out in the event of a burglary.

Securely lock all windows and consider having additional locks fitted to wooden windows, at least on the ground floor.

Keep all valuables out of sight, especially keep car keys out of view - it's not uncommon for keys to be hooked through the letterbox.

Most importantly ensure all of your locks work correctly and are the correct size - KLS Locksmiths offer a free security check in Orpington and the surrounding areas, we can tell you if you need to do anything to increase your security or upgrade your locks or just confirm that you are safe - its a totally free service with absolutely no obligation to have any work done. Call us today on 01689 820095 to book an appointment for us to pop round.

Kent Police have produced a short video which shows the basics of ensuring your home is secure.