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Who are you really calling when you call a locksmith?

There is an increasing number of adverts appearing on sites such as and Google from locksmiths claiming to be local businesses but are they really?

When you are locked out or have a problem with a lock you're likely to turn to your trusty smartphone to look up the number of a local locksmith but did you know that most of the top listings on sites like Google or are actually paid for by large companies that often employ unskilled and untrained so called engineers, these companies often quote very low prices but once they arrive that price is rarely the price paid.

Often the person who turns up to let you into your home with have, at best, very limited knowledge and will resort to drilling a lock as they will not have the skill to pick the lock open. Once the door is open you are left with no option but to pay a hugely inflated price for a new lock or leaving the door unlocked.

Always choose a company with fully trained locksmiths and preferably one where you can speak directly to the locksmith before you book them - any experienced locksmith will be able to give you a clear indication of how much the work is likely to cost and will be able to open your door with the minimum of fuss and normally without the need to replace your locks.

KLS Locksmiths is a local company based in Orpington but with a team of locksmiths - all fully trained, CRB checked and insured, based all over Kent 24 hours a day. When you call us we always arrived in sign written vans, wear a uniform and the price you are quoted is always the price you pay.