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Yet more burglaries in Orpington

Happy New Year from KLS Locksmiths 

We hope everyone has had a great Christmas and wish all of our customers a very happy new year. 

Now that you've put the tree away, finished the last of the Christmas food and are ready for 2019 we would ask you to take a moment to consider if your home could be better protected against burglary - with burglaries on the rise in Orpington, Petts Wood and Chislehurst - we look at the latest alarm systems and how they can help you keep the burglars out. 

Do burglar alarms deter burglars?

The short answer is YES! Burglars by their nature prefer to get in and out without making noise, this reduces their chance of getting caught and most of them are unfortunately not stupid enough to want to get caught.

Research by the Met Police and Crime Stoppers shows burglars are more likely not to target a house where there is clearly a working alarm, KLS Locksmiths now supply and fit the latest wireless alarms featuring full monitoring and the ability to set your alarm or view your property from anywhere in the world. 

The latest wireless burglar alarms being fitted in Orpington

We have partnered with Visonic to supply and fit what we think is one of the best wireless alarm systems on the market - why do we think this? 

The Visonic wireless burglar alarms we fit in Orpington and Petts Wood are the latest version of their already excellent system.

The alarm has some great features which make it ideal for securing your home - firstly the system comes with a siren both inside and outside - some alarm systems only have a dummy alarm outside and burglars know exactly which ones to look for.

Our wireless burglar alarms can be set up to protect every inch of your home with a range of features such as cameras, trip beams and pet friendly sensors meaning less false alarms and total protection for your home.

In addition our system can be set or unset using a wall mounted keypad, the mobile app or the handy keyfobs - if you have children coming home from school before you finish work then you can use the app to notify you when the alarm is unset giving you peace of mind that your children are safe at home.

For elderly relatives the panic button is excellent notifying you immediately if activated allowing you to take action without delay - whatever the reason.

Its not all doom and gloom, a happy ending for one of our customers in Orpington who had been burgled twice.

Proof that alarms do indeed work is that one of our customers had been burgled twice, in Orpington, within a year - both burglaries took place before the customer had our alarm fitted and we are happy to report they have not had any unwelcome visitors in the last year since the alarm was fitted.